Welcome to Phidelity Concepts

In an effort to provide quality handcrafted instruments to a wide range of musicians, we make guitars in several grades. The below outlines and describes some of these options. Prices are a general guide and will vary with the degree of customization (visit our Customization page for more detail). Additionally, we make and sell pre-configured instruments in our various galleries.

Some parts and services are additionally available.


Non-figured wood sides and back
Mexican Royal Ebony (Katalox) or Maple fret boards
Sika spruce soundboard
standard rosettes
Mahogany neck
Standard tuners
Plastic nut, saddle and bridge pins

Average price $1,500.00

Some figured wood sides and backs
Indian rosewood, Maple (some figured types), Mexican ebony, African Ebony fret boards.
Sika spruce/cedar soundboard
Standard or custom rosettes
Mahogany neck
Grover 203 type tuners in color of your choice (chrome, black or gold tone)
Bone or buffalo horn nut, saddle and bridge pins

Average price $3500.00

Highly figured wood backs, lightly figured sides
Burgundy red blood wood, Chechen, very figured birdseye maple and many other wood type fret boards.
Sika spruce/cedar, Maple, Saplee, Mahogany etc., soundboard or other by individual choice.
Standard or custom rosettes
Custom fret board inlays
Choice of wood neck (may substantially add weight to the instrument).
Choice of tuners
Bone or buffalo horn nut, saddle and bridge pins or fossilized ivory (mammoth, walrus etc.), with or without dot inlay (mother or pearl. abalone, etc.)
Internal bracing is sculpted
Semi-precious stone inlay(lapuis lazuli, opal, jade etc.).

Starting price $4,800.00